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EURO Working Group for Pricing and Revenue Management

EURO PRM Workshop 2023, Zurich

The chair of Christiane Barz from the University of Zurich hosted the 5th Workshop of the  EURO Working Group on Pricing and Revenue Management on the 28th and 29th of August 2023.

The event aimed to integrate practitioners, PhD students, postdocs and professors from different countries to solve both theoretical and practical concerns that arise in the area of pricing and revenue management. The talks covered methods from the areas of operations research, economics and machine learning. Invited guest speakers included  Arnoud V. den Boer (University of Amsterdam), Henrik Imhof (Sixt),  Philipp Afèche (University of Toronto), Jesus Martínez-Blanco (Flixbus) and  Shadi Sharif Azadeh (TU ).

In addition to presentations of the invited speakers, this workshop provided a platform for researchers to discuss their research ideas. Talks were presented by Mahnaz Fakhrabadi (PhD student, NHH Norwegian School of Economics), Martin Glanzer (University of Mannheim), Masoud Golalikhani (PhD student, INESC TEC), Siqi He (PhD student, University of Zurich), Ravi Kumar (PROS), Simon Laumer (PhD student, University of Zurich), Christina Liepold (PhD student, Technical University of Munich), Thomas Loots (PhD student, University of Amsterdam), Martina Luzzi (PhD student, Università delle Calabria), Benny Mantin (University of Luxemburg), Joel Persson (PhD student, ETH Zurich).